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Kitchen/Bar Order Taking (KOT/BOT) KOT is a mobile application used for automating order taking and order delivery process of a hotel. This application will handle various processes like menu preparation, seat allotting, order delivery, add to cart or selecting the product for the order, cook availability checking, billing process, order closing and final account assessment. Here a printed bill will be generated based on the order taken by the customer. This application will greatly simplify and speed up the entire order taking and delivery process. In a Hotel / Bar, KOT / BOT helps peoples like steward for order taking from the customer, generate printout for the cook to understand the order placed by the customer, and billing station for receiving and sending the information. Steward select the Table Number, Chair Number and Order Number and generate the KOT / BOT against the order placed by the Customer from Amphibia. The same will be printed in the Kitchen from IPrintMarvel. Also the Data will be received to the Software in the Server / PC. The Data will be send in wireless mode. This procedure continue till the customer complete the various orders.After the completion the Bill can be raised from the Amphibia or from the Server / PC. 

 Palmtec Amphibia is a hand-held computer It is very rugged, light weight with about 400 Grams and suitable for the rough environments. It consists of a 30 Key keypad, Graphic LCD, In Built Thermal Printer, Higher End 32 Bit Microcontroller, USB interface and runs on Rechargeable Battery. Softland India Ltd is a ISO certified, Indian based 17 Years Experience Public Limited Company, Head Quartered in Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA are Embedded Designers & Developers, Hardware Manufacturers, and Software Application Design and Developers.

Desktop Application Projects

  • Ticketing in Govt. Transport Corporation & Private Buses
  • Invoice Payment Collection
  • Spot Billing for Electricity Cos. / Water Supply Cos
  • POS Application Paycollect System (SMS)
  • Biometric Attendance Marking System
  • Property Tax Collection System
  • Ticketing in Zoo / Museum / Parks
  • Billing in Depots/ Regional warehouses
  • Billing in Delivery Sales
  • Spot Billing in Petrol Pumps
  • Field Collection of Insurance Companies
  • Loan Recovery for Banks & NBFCs
  • Plantation collection Management System (PCMS)
  • Fleet Fuel Logging System
  • Queue Management System in hospitals and banks
  • Cable TV Payment Collection System
  • Spot Fine Collection Management Software
Web Application Projects
  • Automated Fare collection & Reporting System (AFCRS)
  • Tally Integration & Reporting Software
  • Loyalty Card Management System
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA/POS) Application
  • Complaint Registration Management (CRM)
  • Construction Site Monitoring System
  • Apartment Management System (APMS)
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)
  • Listall
  • Micro ERP
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